Enterprise 2.0 - Etizen™

Enterprise 2.0 solutions are fairly new to the market. As we all know, they take advantage of recent Web 2.0 technologies including LAMP and AJAX. These technologies and the use of the SLATES model allow Inspira to think out of the box and create a compelling and differentiating solution, that help organizations improve productivity and operating efficiencies driving employees to increase performance. Blogs, Wikis, Unstructured Searches, Links, RSS Feeds -- These technologies drive the consumption of information to very high levels and open up new possibilities to Enterprises.

Collaborating with Enterprise 2.0 solutions driving High Value information upwards, outward, and inwards transforming business productivity is the imperative. However, improving business processes for further efficiencies and productivity is becoming difficult to achieve. The opportunity using Social networking outside the corporations is already proving its value in mass momentum and democratization. Now Web 2.0 taken to the enterprise drives profitability; however, only through focused, goal driven, time-bound collaboration which is different than typical Web 2.0 solutions.

Etizen™ is the framework to build productive Enterprise collaboration solutions. Inspira believes that a core product with customization will meet the needs for agile corporate social networking that yields productivity benefits. With Etizen™, Inspira builds flexible, robust, and secure E2.0 solutions with roles and rights, skill based workgroups, performance based workflow, and goal orientated projects that reflect the efficient corporation employing new technologies. Extending this core with suitable Tag Clouds, skill/competency based People-mapping, and metric based analytics ultimately drives goal achievement. An examination of collaboration for productivity is warranted in order for the Enterprise to make wise investments in new solutions. Let's explore this approach to performance based use of Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise.

Newly launched Etizen™ by Inspira, improves situational and strategic awareness through collaboration yielding positive results; ultimately increasing communications, productivity and profitability. Inspira drives Purpose Driven Collaboration…Empowering the Enterprise!

Etizen™ on SharePoint allows the capture and use of day-to-day work/data experience in a role based, yet de-centralized organization which means that when paired with SharePoint Server 2007, all the promise about collaboration can actually happen… naturally, just like Etizen alone!

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