Data Center Intelligence Solution

This is a SAAS offering from Inspira. Customers can be operational and start using the service within few hours. This offering covers proactive monitoring, troubleshooting and predictive analytics for servers and all SNMP compliant devices.

The salient features of this product are:

  • Efficient File Transfer: The client software is designed in a way that the log file transfers do not over burden either systems' or network resources and cause any bottle necks to the desired performance.
  • Reliable File Transfer: The integrity of files transferred from Client side to Inspira's cloud is always guaranteed.
  • Cost effective File Transfer: De-dupe technology is used to avoid transferring duplicated blocks of information for effective network and storage utilization.
  • Intelligent Search: Very responsive troubleshooting due to Indexing and Meta Data implementation.
  • Predictive Analytics: Alert System Administrators & Data Center Managers on potential failures and malfunctioning of equipment.
  • Flexible & Secure: The system offers flexible scheduling features and highly granular user controls and management.

The solution has three main parts:

1. The Client Side Local Agent (LA)

The LA component must be installed on every server at the Clients' data center that requires log files to be exported to the local master agent (LMA). The LMA will sync with Inspira's Cloud Based Master Cloud Application (MCA). End users can schedule log file transfers to LMA and further on to MCA as per their environment needs

2. The Local Master Agent (LMA)

The LMA's responsibility is to synchronize the collected logs with our Cloud Application. The purpose of LMA is to be able to scale up to support large number of monitored nodes (servers) since within the LAN/WAN environment, the bandwidth will be significantly higher and more reliable than the public network. In addition, it is more desirable to have one node connected out to our Cloud Application to send the log files versus every individual node connecting out on its own to send the log files. The logic for file transfer reliability can reside in a single node and hence reduces the need to perform status check on every node.

LMA has the following functional modules:

  • Synchronization of all agents (LA)
  • Encryption, compression, and file transfer checkpoint /restart
  • Simple file meta data repository management to ensure appropriate logs being extracted from the right hosts and the appropriate file meta data gets synchronized up with the server properly

3. The Master Cloud Application (MCA)

The MCA is a Centralized Intelligent Management solution. This is a server side program. This program will store all the client's logs in a centralized repository, all logs will be indexed, scored and aggregated based on administrator's predefined criteria. Each registered LMA will be queried and data will be pushed to the cloud via HTTP/HTTPS protocol.

The Https protocol is firewall safe and secure. Generally application will communicate over series of requests and responses over a defined http port [80, 443]. This will not allow any security hole left open.

MCA will have web services/REST calls exposed to allow any external application integration.

MCA will perform following modules:

  • Registration
  • Data collection
  • Data repository management
  • API for accessing the repository data
  • LMA management
  • Indexing & Search
  • Pattern Analysis & Correlation Engine
  • Errors & Exceptions management
  • Reporting

High level architecture involving all three tiers namely; LA, LMA & MCA:


Deployment Scenario

  • SAAS
  • Amazon S3 & EC2 or any other cloud vendor (IAAS)
  • Network Protocols: HTTPS, Sockets
  • Database Platforms Supported: My SQL, Oracle & MS SQL Server
  • Other Tools Used: Hibernate & Lucene Search
  • Client Agents Supported: Java, C++ & C#

Master Cloud Application architecture: